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The Conference of Digital Information Technology
Modren Trends in The Information Technology
Amman-Jordan 13-15 December 2014

 The Confernce of Digital Information Technology 2014

The International Conference of "Digital Information Technology 2014" is a conference on advanced technology research in the field of digital information. It would be dedicated to digital information for the first time in the Arab world. The conference aims to bring together researchers, developers and content providers and users in the areas of digital information technologies as well as politicians, economists and decision makers for their importance in bridging the digital divide, scientific, civilized, cultural and linguistic capabilities between the developed and Arabic countries. Zarqa University (ZU) and Jilwan Academy for Training & Studies (JATS) worked to set the stage for a conference DIT-MT 2014 by the best methods of organizing and holding international conferences, in the city of Amman, Jordan in 13 - 15 May 2014.

Digital information technology played a key role in our society over the past years. So the volume of digital material grew considerably to bridge the gaps, whether they were digital or scientific, cultural, civilized, or linguistic capabilities between Developed and Developing countries. And use it well to become more effective in every place, given the challenge of combining technology of our future and our past digital to become more important. It established modern and innovative methods of cooperative work. It also, founded new forms of challenge to the content and methods of the establishment of digital libraries. Similarly, the need for and means of increasingly sophisticated to support and analysis of Arab digital content and international scholars, practitioners, professionals, and academics leads us to new difficulties for the infrastructure and interfaces interaction of information repositories. The role of decision-makers in supporting these trends is to make them equal with developed countries in all fields.

Vision of the conference

Enable the participants of the ongoing constructive debate among academics in universities, practitioners and decision-makers in both the public and private sectors to achieve sustainable development across all sectors and agencies in the development of information technology.

Objectives of the Conference

The objectives of this Conference are the following:

  1. To establish partnership between the public and private sectors to provide an industrial fabric that can develop quick ways to communicate with positive direct impact on the Arab and national economy.

  2. To re-design public and higher education and vocational commensurate with the requirements of these institutions that deal with digital technology, relying primarily on communication, information and knowledge.

  3. To Take practical measures to achieve the equality of information technology and communications between the new reality of global development practitioner and technical.

  4. To intensify efforts to find a basic infrastructure for the information superhighway.

  5. Proposals to link the services of various government agencies, in addition to the completion of various activities of the government itself by relying on networks and information.

  6. To provide the labor with what it needs to build and strengthen the information technology infrastructure of information systems.

  7. To develop strategies of the development of information production.

  8. To develop means of scientific research institutions and production, exploitation and distribution of information.

  9. The transition to economies based on knowledge, information and knowledge.

  10. To make sure of the production rate and the availability of resources for the manufacture of raw content, including databases and banks photos and archives papers and electronic libraries and the size of paper and digital content production tools of program design, web pages and electronic publishing tools.

  11. To provide access to the experiences and suggestions of all concerned continuous improvement among stakeholders in the field of information science and bridge the digital divide.

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