Zarqa University

Conference Secretariat

The Conference of Digital Information Technology
Modren Trends in The Information Technology
Amman-Jordan 13-15 December 2014

Visa to attend the conference

Zarqa University will work to secure entry visas to Jordan to attend the conference for free under the following conditions: -

  1. Conference fees in advance

  2. Send a clear picture and an update on the valid passport for at least 6 months.

  3. Participant can communicate with the Jordanian embassy in his country to find out the requirements for obtaining a visa to enter Jordan to attend the conference, noting that there are facilities to attend conferences, and will help the university to meet the requirements for obtaining a visa.

  4. Can be coordinated with the Organizing Committee in this regard to email the conference.

Note: In case of non-issuance of the visa will be returned for any reason full fees paid to the participant.


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